Subscriber Channel

Subscriber Channel
Where customers subscribe and manage their subscriptions
Subscriber Channel
Essential capabilities
Subscriber Channel is modular and can be tailored to fit the needs of your business. Pick and choose which modules you need.
Shopping Cart
Integrated with Zuora and tailor made specifically for subscriptions
User Management
Integrate with your identity management
Customer Center
Self service for your customers to manage subscriptions, payment details, upgrade, downgrade and more
Digital Quote Acceptance
Let your customers view and accept quotes online
Integrate with any other software system you need e.g. with CMS, CRM and subscription management
Customer Tracking
Learn where your subscribers dropped out of a sale
Modern and scalable tech stack
Subscription Suite is build with modern technologies and powered by a scalable and fault tolerant cloud infrastructure.
Customer Portal
The Customer Portal has everything you need as a subscription business: product selection, shopping cart, checkout, digital quote acceptance and more. It is also flexible and can be customised to match your corporate identity.
Subscription Suite
Shopping Cart
Our shopping cart is tailor made for subscription offerings and is perfectly integrated with Zuora. It also has a specialised product selection capability designed for the complexities of subscription bundles.
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Frequently asked questions
Here's what we've been asked lately.
How many Zuora integrations have you provided so far?
More than 30.
What's your cloud server provider?
We're using Amazon Web Services.
Do you support SSL?
Yes, we do.