your Zuora web frontend
A complex and powerful solution, yet so easy to implement into any system
your benefits
Why IT experts choose us
Scalable infrastructure
You can scale your shop limitlessly without affecting your performance.
Developer SDK
If you want to include your shop in your own existent Website, we’re offering you a Developer SDK kit.
Out-of-the-box integrations
You do not need to understand and integrate other systems by yourself, because we’re offering you integrations for that.
Layer & Validation Rules
Our API are running many background processes by itself. Configurable tools and microservices enhance automation.
Customizable & integrated Core Engine
The e-Commerce & Customer Portal has everything you need: product selection, shopping cart, checkout, digital quote acceptance and much more. It's up to you whether you want to use our customizable hosted pages or our Developer SDK.
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Most essential features
IT experts love Subscription Suite because of features like their integrations, user management and SSO and some more. See yourself!
User management and SSO
User management
and SSO
Integrations, e.g. with CMS, CRM and subscription management
Workflows & automation
Workflows and automation
Zuora payment
Seamless Zuora payment integration
Hosted pages
Hosted pages for simple implementation
Developer SDK
Developer SDK for advanced implementation
How we proceed
From scoping to roll out
Although all our projects are really individual and tailored to our customers, we have a general proceeding.
1 Week
Scoping & Consulting
Project Manager, Solution Achitect
  • Finding out customer journeys and catalogues through workshops and questionnaires
  • Defining goals for acquisition & nurturing
1–2 Weeks
Solution Architect
  • Depicting, configuring and documenting the solution
  • Defining processes & making a concept
2 Weeks
Technical Consultant
  • Connecting Subscription Suite with system
  • Determining & setting up  rules/ product catalogue
2–3 Weeks
Developer, Solution Architect, Graphic Designer
  • Adapting styling even closer to CI
  • Implementing non-standard systems (e.g. self-developed data base)
1–2 Weeks
Test & Roll-Out
  • Running end-to-end testings
  • Connecting with website and activating acquisition entry points (links from website, quoting process)
  • Supporting rollout, training
Modern and scalable tech stack
The Subscription Suite is build with modern technologies and powered by a scalable and fault tolerant cloud infrastructure.
Further info
Frequently asked questions
Here's what we got asked lately.
How many Zuora integrations have you provided so far?
More than 30.
What's your cloud server provider?
We're using Amazon Web Services.
Do you support SSL?
Yes, we do.
knowledge to go
Downloads you'll need now
Here is a selection of important information that will help you understand the Subscription Suite
Overall Guide
Catalog & Rules API
Find here everything you want to know about the suite, with a focus on the technical point of view, containing the Data Model and Catalog & rules API.
Single Sign On
Learn how we achieve robust, secure and simple authentication with the help of keycloak and its authentication protocols Oauth2 and SAML.
Data Model
Find out how our data model provides you with additional functionalities and why it's therefore independent from the Zuora catalog.