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The essential IT components
Find out what components are part of your subscription management.

When it comes to making your IT fit for subscription management, you need a basic plan.

That's because the main challenge is not only to recognize opportunities of subscription-based business models but to implement and maintain a holistic subscription management system. But as the technical framework of subscription systems is really complex, let us start at the bottom.This graph shows the components that are inevitable to run a subscription business.

A seamless subscription management needs three key elements: a customer relationship management system that contains all customer data, a subscription management system that processes contracts and billings and a powerful frontend solution that enables subscribers, employees and partners to create and adapt subscriptions.

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How it works
Components and their tasks
A brief explanation of the core functions your IT components provide.
How it works
All stakeholders involved
Learn which stakeholders are involved in your subscription business and in which way they are.
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