your interface to the market
Your key to running a competitive subscription business
Why business deciders choose us
Quick start & improvement
We enable you a quick transformation of your business model without the need to concentrate on subscriber acquisition/ nurturing.
Best practices & low risk
Subscription Suite is an established solution that many leading subscription businesses already trust on.
Configuration over code
Through our logic/ validation rules, you do not need to involve a developer or several departments to roll out.
Integration & interaction
Subscription Suite fits in your existing IT landscape seamlessly and independently interacts with your systems (e.g. CMS like Salesforce).
look & feel
Reseller & Partner Portal
With the help of this portal, your partners and resellers get control over their subscribers and transactions. Invoices can be sent to partners and customers from the same place.
see yourself
Most essential features
The Subscription Suite comes with functionalities like complex product dependencies, CPQ and many more to make your subscription experience seamless and easy to design.
Dependencies & bundles
Complex product dependencies and bundles
Quoting and sales processes
Easy styling to match any corporate identity
Hosted pages
Hosted pages for simple implementation
Language & Currency
Multi-language and multi-currency are provided
with CMS, CRM and subscription management
How we proceed
From scoping to roll out
Although all our projects are really individual and tailored to our customers, we have a general proceeding.
1 Week
Scoping & Consulting
Project Manager, Solution Architect
  • Finding out customer journeys and catalogues through workshops and questionnaires
  • Defining goals for acquisition & nurturing
1–2 Weeks
Solution Architect
  • Depicting, configuring and documenting the solution
  • Defining processes & making a concept
2 Weeks
Technical Consultant
  • Connecting Subscription Suite with system
  • Determining & setting up  rules/ product catalogue
2–3 Weeks
Developer, Solution Architect, Graphic Designer
  • Adapting styling even closer to CI
  • Implementing non-standard systems (e.g. self-developed data base)
1–2 Weeks
Test & Roll-Out
  • Running end-to-end testings
  • Connecting with website and activating acquisition entry points (links from website, quoting process)
  • Supporting rollout, training
Integrate with any system you need
The Subscription Suite comes with a range of prebuilt integrations.
Frequently asked questions
Here's what we got asked lately.
Who can operate with the Subscription Suite?
Anyone you want to! You do not need developer skills.
How many Zuora integrations have you provided so far?
More than 30.
Are you an official Zuora partner?
Yes, we are official partners since 2015.
Downloads you'll need now
Here is a selection of important information that will help you understand the Subscription Suite
In a nutshell
Have a look at our handout that gives you an overview on the Subscription Suite portals, important functionalities and basic facts.
Business Function
Subscriber Acquisition
Learn more about Subscriber Acquisition, which tasks it contains and how to professionalize it with the help of a system.
Basic Questions
Here's a brief selection of the most important and popular questions concerning the Subscription Suite and its perks.
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