Components and their tasks

how it works
Components and their tasks
A brief explanation of the core functions your IT components provide.

One of the main characteristics of subscription businesses is the incredibly close relationship between business and the technical part.

But responsible persons may still find it difficult to develop a holistic view on their IT landscape. However, this is essential as it doesn't make sense to see a CRM system, a subscription management system and a frontend solution as stand alone components. Each element has their specific scope of duties and you need to bear in mind that all in all, everything needs to work in a perfect and seamless symbiosis.

Subscription Management System

Subscription management systems let you manage subscription order-to-revenue operations. Therefore, they let you manage everything that's related to the billing part. Zuora might be the most common system, as they are known for having founded the subscription economy.

Customer Relationship Management System

Your CRM system contains all customer data. Salesforce is one of the leading suppliers of cloud solutions specialized on CRM.

Web frontend solution

In order to enable all your stakeholders to easily operate, manage and customise your subscription services, you need a frontend solution for them. It needs to be both: easy to use and powerful at the same time, because you do not want to force your sales team to acquire programming skills. Our Subscription Suite is a self-service solution that is integrated with Zuora and Salesforce and provides you with everything your stakeholders need.


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